1. Blood on the mobile (2010) by Frank Piasecki Poulson
Documentary about the story behind our mobile phones. In this case Nokia. Frank is researching where all the minerals come from and discovers a lot of dangerous situations in Congo. 
2. Plunge (2017) by Fever Ray
This music Album called Plunge is a very personal album for Karin Dreijer. She brings up different topics in her album like gender, feminism, sex, being queer and being a mom. Het strong and explicit opinion about those topics is what makes her and this album special.
3. 13th (2016) by Ava Duvernay
This documentary explores the "intersection of race, justice, and mass incarceration in the US with a focus on prisons. Because racism is still such a big problem within our society I wanted to show that the information from this film is still relevant for the now and the future.
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