Diversion is a physical translation of data from the Loonsche en Drunense duinen. We have got many lists of data about the drift-sand at the Loonsche and Drunense duinen from several years and locations. 
Area 8 was the area who changed the most out of all the locations so we have chosen this area to visualize. We made a serie of 3 plaster plates according to 3 years: 2005, 2007 & 2013. The data is translated into 2 variables, plaster & pigment. The amount of pigment shows the amount of difference according to the year before. The thickness of the plaster shows the height of area 8 per year.
You can find information about the data on a plaster information card. Te text is made with pigment powder using a lasercut mold.
You can see the data on the back of the plates to show where we started.
If you are interested to take a look in to our process, click HERE. Otherwise you can see a few pictures from our experiments.
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