Graduation project Communication & Multimedia Design 2017 at Avans hogeschool in Den Bosch by Max Slavenburg & Jesse van den Berg
Our research question was how we could make people aware of the nature/environmental issues we are dealing with now. We used this as a starting point, to look how we could come up with a theme through research and experiments. We came across the world from above. ee were fascinated about the interesting images we saw. We where curious nature could tell us from a different point of few. It is something that humans never see and that’s a pity. Then we found the migration routes from several birds. There where a lot of interesting routes but the story of Astrid immediately took our attention.
Birds are always around us, from pigeons to storks. But there is a big change that you don’t realize what a bird ever saw in his life. With this book, Astrid, we wan’t you to tell the story  of a bird.
A big story with a lot of interesting aspects. This book is about Astrid, a montagu’s harrier. Let you fascinate about Astrids story, the long roads she traveled and the beautiful landscapes she see’s. ​​​​​​​
In total there has been 56 Montagu's harriers followd by GPS sensors. We also made a website to show all the flying routes in a global way.  
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